SmartThings ADT Security Hub

After much research here I think I have confirmed that this will work with my existing hardwired sensors after being integrated with the Konnected panel. However, I also reached out to Samsung ST, and they said those existing hardwired sensors will not be monitored when the alarm is on. Is this true and correct? I would hate to go through all the trouble installing the Konnected panel for it not to work. Any help you guys could provide would be awesome and a huge time saver. Thank you.

Hi Joel

It shows your problem as resolved.  Would you mind sharing with me what solution you found.  I have the SmartThings ADT Security Hub and have hooked up the Konnected alarm to my hardwired sensors.  I am able to see the sensors within my SmartThings App but am not able to figure out a way to actually use them with the alarm panel.  Thank you.

This is a restriction imposed by ADT. Unfortunately, the SmartThings/ADT panel will only allow ADT sensors to be used for security. You can still connect your wired sensors to it with Konnected, but these sensors will only be available for automation (i.e. turning on lights, door chime notifications, etc) and not security. The SmartThings/ADT panel uses a modified version of Smart Home Monitor that will only allow you to select ADT sensors for security.

They'll tell you that this is for your security and reliability -- but it's really just a ploy to lock you in to buying and continuing to pay for their equipment and service.

For this reason, we recommend using the standalone SmartThings hub, which does not have such restrictions.

This issue HAS NOT been resolved. Please please please tell me that someone is working on a “workaround” to be able to get my ADT Smarthings panel to recognize Konnected sensors as monitorable sensors!!!

Not possible. This is a restriction imposed by ADT  & SmartThings. If you're using the ADT/SmartThings co-branded hub, it will ONLY let you use ADT sensors for security and monitoring.

Ok, so is it possible to hack into a smartthings door sensor and trigger the sensor from an output on the Konnected board?  I don't have any problem at all hacking the sensor. I just need to know what to do to trigger it so that it sets off the ADT smartthings alarm system.

So, If the ADT/ST hub can use the old version of the app where you can install apps, which this thread seems to suggest, then there may be a way. Check out WebCore. There are guys that have coded up custom alarms using WebCore. All the same, or in some cases more functionality than SHM and you can use all the Konnected stuff that way.

After hearing his story, I am excited to play with the Konnected Interface and explore its integration possibilities with my own setup.