Use Konnected with Existing Monitoring Service

I have a home with existing alarm system wiring and a DSC panel. It is monitored by another company called Smith Thompson. The alarm system communicates to the monitoring service through cellular network and works even in a power outage when the internet is down.

I would like to be able to remotely turn the alarm on/off and get notified of all activity at the same time that the monitoring company (Smith Thompson) is notified.  I would also prefer to keep the monitoring service so when I'm out of the country, they can respond to alarms faster.

How do I setup the konnected devices to relay monitoring alarms to me and at the same time to a monitoring center? What konnected devices/add-ons do I need to make this happen?

Sorry, this isn't a configuration that Konnected supports right now. The Konnected Alarm Panel product is intended to replace your existing DSC panel, and is not compatible with analog or cellular call-out devices.

We're working on a new product called the Konnected Alarm Panel Interface that will allow you to keep your existing panel, but also monitor the status of your sensors in SmartThings for use with home automation. This won't allow you to arm/disarm your DSC panel remotely though, nor will it notify you if the DSC panel triggers an alarm.

You might want to look into a product called the Envisalink EVL-4 that might be more of what you're looking for:

This post has been 2 years ago but I am having exactly system what the OP has. I just recently (1 week ago) bought the Konnected Alarm Panel Starter Kit with Interface Kit for $129. Now I am wondering if I can connect my Konnected kit to my existing alarm? How do I do that?