Please help me identify what I am looking at

I currently have a Protection 1 system that was changed a year ago from another company. I am looking at my current wiring, but it looks very different from other systems I have seen. Please help me identify what I am looking at. I have 6 zones currently with 2 keypads and a siren.

 The 1st image is a power supply. AL 624.

AL624 power supply.

Takes the AC from the transformer and covers to DC, charges the battery and provides switch over to battery if the AC fails. See link above.

2nd image is 2GIG Technologies, Inc. 1047- 01 SECURITY TRANSMITTER. Only info I found is from the FCC website:

2Gig info

Looks like the vertical board on the right side is the actual alarm panel.

Yes but the Vertical board isn't being used and I believe it was for my original alarm company. I still don't know which wires I use to connect to the Konnected panel. Do I just take them from the 2Gig box to the Konnected panel or can I get rid of some of this to simplify?

 Based on the documentation on the FCC site for the 2Gig it looks like the 2Gig has the sensors connected to it and then it talks to the alarm panel via wireless. I expect that the wires connected to the 2Gig terminals 1 - 8 are your sensors. See the diagram below (TAKEOVER MODULE = 2Gig unit).


I bet that after you connect the sensors to your Konnected module the 2Gig unit and the alarm panel can be disconnected from power or removed.

If the battery is good you might want to use the existing 12V supply (AL624) to power the Konnected module since it switch to the battery if there is a power loss. You'll need the appropriate connector to connect the power supply output to the Konnected module.

 Correction: per the documentation the sensors are connected to terminals 3-10 (marked as Zones 1-8) on the 2Gig module.

Thank you very much for spending the time to explain this to me. I have labeled Zones 1-8. Now I have to figure out how to separate some of the zones into their individual sensors.