Novice - need some guidance please

I would appreciate some specific guidance on converting my wired alarm. I am a total novice when it comes to this so I would be grateful for direction on allowing me to get the system converted.  I have attached images of my system, I managed to identify 6 zones, although I am unsure about the smoke detectors, cant seem to make out which wires this relates to.

I do have an entry zone, but I dont see any physical devices on my front, back or garage door.  How do I make sense of the wires? 

Also, I am not sure how to disconnect the AC connection, is it the part that is connected through the battery?  

Some guidance on how to get started and direction would be appreciated. 

Not an expert and just now diving into my own adventure. But the power is likely the leftmost red/black. The far left box shouldn’t have any relevance to the alarm as it just looks like the home runs for some network/video. You definitely have a lot of sensors in some of those zones that are all tied to together … say for example a room had 4 windows, each with their own sensor, in your setup if any window opens it goes off. You could break each wire into its own zone, but depends if you care if window #3 of the 4 is opened or just that a window opened In a given room/area was opened. The latter is probably more typical for windows, doors are usually individual. Doors typically used recessed sensors … look for a round spot about 3/8 inch in the frame with a matching spot in the door. I don’t have smokes wired to my panel so can’t offer any thoughts on that piece. The only way to figure out every wire there is to use a tone generator and tone them out but that probably won’t be easy unless you have a pretty good idea of where all those sensors are to start with. But unless you want to have what looks like 20 or 30 zones, you can just leave as is with many sensors tied together and skip the hours of wandering around trying to find where every needle is in the haystack. Looks like you actually got a bit lucky in that they at least labeled the main pieces for you.