Need some guidance on a new home construction

First off, glad I found this product and site.  Just moved from an older home using all the ST battery sensors and it was a pain to figure out why things kept going off randomly... batteries!

Now in a new home, new Alarm system that's never been used, I'd like to use this in conjunction with Smartthings.  I've watched the videos from Nate on the setup and detailed walk through, but still have some questions.  Also to preface this, I'm a network engineer so I can wrap my head around complex network diagrams. 

Linking a bunch of photos to help make sense of this.  I believe I have 8 zones and a daughter board.  Not sure what that is for.

Photo Album on Google Pictures

The home has a sprinkler system in ceiling, wired smoke alarms, motion top and bottom and window / door sensors.  Most bedrooms have 2-5 windows, in which I can see each window that can be opened has the plug at the top.

In purchasing the system, I'm guessing the 8zone, unless I wanted to break out some of the windows and doors separately and would need more?

What is the smaller board used for in the pictures?

There are also a ton of extra wires coming out of the main pull from the house, not sure how to identify what these are?  guessing that the building may have had more sensors around the home?

To help out the community, I'll do a write up and add it to the other ones listed.

Why only 8 zones? Looks like the list shows you have 15 currently. If each window is sensored then they are probably all tied together in the wall for each room vs run back to the panel … doesn’t look like you have enough wires in the box for that many windows individually.