Smoke Alarm

I have a question about smoke alarms. I don't know a lot about smoke alarms and I want to make sure I get it right before I even attempt to make my smokes smart.

My smokes are currently only connected to the main breaker and each other. I have 3 and each has 3 wires (red, black, white).  The black & white are for power and the reds are connected to each other for interconnectivity communication between the 3 smokes.

Can I add a relay to the last smoke and have that trigger on the Konnected board?

I have a similar setup and I'd like to get mine attached the the Konnected board as well. My smoke alarms are 120V AC w/ battery backup. Is there any way to connect this to the panel? They are 3-wire, and the red wires also carry 120V.


I have the same question.  can I wire in my smoke alarms which were wired into my defunct old security system.

Found an answer on a different thread. Going to try it out!

All hooked up and working, pics on the other thread. Again, this is for non-smart 120VAC wired/connected smoke alarms (mine are circa 2003).