Identifying Smoke Alarm Wiring from Attic

Hey all, I would like to wire-in my interconnected USI Electric smoke detectors to the Konnected board. I know I need to wire-in a smoke alarm relay module but I am having trouble identifying my smoke alarm’s wiring once in the attic. I have batt insulation and several feet of blown-in insulation on top and am therefore struggling to find the smoke detectors in the ceiling.

Can anyone provide some tips or guidance for accomplishing this?

Turn off the breaker powering the detectors, there is supposed to be an electrical box above that. Ideally, the box has a knockout opening in the top you can remove. Stick a wire through the top of the box far enough to stick out over the insulation. It will break through any paper backing on the insulation, but might have a little harder time getting through plastic backing. If the bare copperv is sticking out, cut it on an angle to help it force it’s easy through.

The interconnection wire can be high or low voltage, check the yellow to white voltage with the breaker turned on, and get the appropriate type of relay. If you don’t know how to work with 120V live power, this might not be the job for you. Turn off the breaker again.

The connection to the relay input should be in an electrical box if it’s 120V. If it’s an encased relay, you could put a clamp in the hole in the box, and run the relay input into the box through that clamp, and secure the relay to the clamp. The alarm input wires should connect to the white and yellow wires respectively with an appropriately sized wire nuts or Wagos. Based whether you use the N/O or N/C output to connect to Konnected, the alarm condition in Konnected has to be set appropriately. Turn on the breaker and test your detectors and that the input is showing up properly in Konnected.