Replacing 2-wire smokes with 4-wire smokes


Still in the middle of getting setup here. I have two boards set up with Home Assistant, but I still need to run a reverse proxy. I can see the boards and add devices, but the states don’t update. I assume this is due to my https duckdns SSL config—I plan to implement nginx or similar. In the mean time, our hardwired smoke detectors were offline so I wanted to get those at least powered ASAP.

Our home had six 2-wire low-voltage smoke detectors (almost 10 years old and failing one-by-one), but they were wired using 4 conductor straight to the basement panel (and daisy chained at the panel). I replaced all six with 4-wire detectors. I started with a single board, no add-on board. Without adding more wire and daisy chaining the smoke detector wiring, my only option was to individually group all the +, -, COM, and NO (no NC option). After capping those groups, I connected each group to the konnected panel in this manner: + to aux +, - to aux -, NO to zone 6, and COM to G. I plugged in the board which briefly showed its green power light, then turned off. Unplugging/replugging power didn’t bring power to the board. I disconnected the COM and NO wires, plugged the power back in, and the board turns on and shows its green power led once again. Next, I tried adding the COM and NO to zone 6 of the add-on board instead. The board powers on as expected, though I did notice some sort of significant electronic noise, similar to coil whine.

Should I be configuring this differently? I haven’t seen any specific diagrams or documentation for how to wire these. Can zones 1-5 be empty, or should I be jumping into the rest of my install right away? Again like I said, just trying to get the smoke alarms up and running first.

Thanks in advance!

I Have similar questions! Hope someone out there has a multi detector system working with Konnected and can help with understanding the wiring.