Concord 4

I have a Concord 4 alarm system I am converting to Konnected. I have a bit of a puzzle, I've identified the location and sensor number for 15 individual sensors on the existing system. They are each showing up on the existing alarm panels as "Sensor 01", etc.. However, I only have two wires entering my alarm box tied into zone two and zone three. First, does Concord have the ability to learn individual sensors on the same zone? and/or is there a terminal box somewhere that these individual sensors are tying into? There is not terminal box that I can see, but I haven't poked around the attic yet. Sadly, its a very low roof and I'll likely have to crawl around.



PS, I should have also mentioned that all my sensors are wired sensors.

Same issues/system here. Hoping someone on this forum can help!

Had a "d'oh" moment. Upon closer inspection, I have 13 wireless sensors and 2 wired sensors so it all makes sense now. The house did have all wired sensors at some point because I found leads for 15-odd wires in the attic. I'll need to search for another solution in order to keep the existing set up. I have some Konnected modules that I can't use now if anyone is interested.