Paradox / Digiplex motion detectors- Compatible?

Does anyone know if the Paradox line of motion detectors are compatible with Konnected?

My motion detectors are all model Digiplex 25ir. What I noticed, when i pulled out the old system, is that all four motion detectors had all their non-power leads connected to just two terminals.

I separated all the leads and wired them up to individual zones on konnected… however they all show in the smartings app as motion active.

I suspect that they only support digital communication with the panel and that is being interpreted as active motion. Has anyone encountered anything similar?

Is there anyway to get these motion detectors working with konnected?

I'll have the same question !

Hi Augusto. I had to replace those motion detectors. Once i purchased new standard ones, The system worked like a charm.

Thank you Kevin. 

May I ask if you have a recommendation on what motion detectors should I buy ? 

Kind regards

Hi Augusto

I ended up moving and so I don't have access to those sensors anymore.   Unfortunately, I don't remember exactly what I bought.   I know I didn't spend a lot,  I only needed 4 and they were basic PIR motion detectors.    Take a look at something that is not fancy.

Good luck

Best regards