Outdoor PIR

 Has anyone found a 12vdc outdoor rated motion detector to wire into the konnected board?

All the outdoor rated ones that I find are designed to relay line voltage for lights. I just want a sensor.

Hi Kenny,
I’m interested on the same… did you find any good external 12v motion sensor?
Thank you for sharing.

So I’ve been told the best outdoor motion sensors on the market are made by Bosch, currently the Bosch OD850 series. They’re not cheap though.

What’s neat about these is that they combine PIR (passive infrared) and microwave technology to reduce false triggers from wind blowing trees, etc. it has a configurable AND/OR mode which allows you to set if the sensor should trigger when both PIR and microwave senses motion (fewer false alarms) or when either PIR or microwave senses motion (faster reporting).

These will work with Konnected!