Sanity check regarding permitter alarm arming verses motion sensors

I don't have any Konnected products yet, but I'm interested in retrofitting our existing alarm infrastructure with Konnected under a new Home Assistant based system. We have a mix of window/door sensors, internal and external motion sensors, and glass break detectors.

What I would like is the option of setting a permitter alarm when we're home, where only the window and door sensors are armed. The internal motion sensors would not trigger the alarm, but instead be used for automation.

When we're leaving the house, we'd like the option of setting the alarm such that the door/window, internal motion, and glass break detectors are all be active (but not the external motion sensors, which are purely for automation).

I assume that this is possible under Konnected and HA. But I just want to double check before investing in this product.

Thanks in advance!

Konnected is just reading state of your sensors, most of smarts are in SmartThings or HA. I have exactly the same needs, figuring out how to get existing sensors work and be recognized by ST. Not at the "perimeter" concept yet but will get there. 

So far, first thing that tripped me (and not well documented) is that Konnected needs NO RESISTORS. I had to dig out sensors and remove resistors. Open/Close works now (through the Cloud).

Next, stuck on resetting "tripped" smoke/ motion/ glassbreak sensors. Waiting to hear from Alex (tech support)

Thanks for getting back to me.

For some reason I had it in my head that the alarm system could work independently of the automation server. Now I get it.

Thanks for the resistor tip. I’ll keep an eye out for that.

Good luck on your reset of tripped devices.

With Andy`s help I got Motion sensor to work. Smoke and GlassBreak ones are still stuck in one or another shape.

Another tip - MAKE SURE non-power wires polarity is correct. NC/NO go to the ZONE, while other wire (C) goes to (G). This is what solved Motion sensor problem

Looks like all devices auto-reset with konnected and you don`t need a "PGM" concept from DSC. After figuring out wiring for devices that work for me (Smoke, Motion, CO, Doors) - nothing is stuck in tripped status anymore