Library of Wiring Diagrams - Settings THAT WORK

Folks, I`d like to start a library of sensors/ settings that work for Konnected. Some things will be Hub/ Cloud/Driver specific, but my guess - 90 % of success is defined before data leaves Konnected Board.

General tips:

* Initial Board -> WiFi connectivity. I knew of MultiCast, UPnP, still could not get boards to connect to either main or guest networks driven by USG/Ubiquity APs. Luckily, I have a parallel network driven by Amplify - works on a main network without any tweaking

* I was having hard time getting boards connect through an app. Browser ( when connected to Board`s WiFI) worked every time. When C&P`ing your pass - remember that sometimes it picks up a space after password :)

* No EOL resistors.  I had resistors at door open/close sensors and SmartThings was constantly showing door as open suddenly switching to closed 20-30 mins after. Removed resistors - work like a clock

* Religiously follow wiring instructions. C goes to Ground, NC/NO goes to a zone. In my impression, wiring is the most critical factor to make things work

* System has WEIRD MEMORY. I spent probably 2 hours trying to get CO sensor work as Smoke and it kept failing me until I moved it to a different zone alltogether and set up as new. If you are out of moves - move to a new zone and setup anew

Things that work:

* Recessed Open/Close sensors: no EOL resistor, polarity doesn`t matter. Once removed resistors - no fails after a few days of testing

* Smoke detector  - 4 wire - Normally Open (the only possible) wiring. NO -> Zone, C -> G.  Inverse "Konnected App" setting.  Smoke type of a sensor (in App). Signal goes to Cloud -> integrated to SmartThings as linked service through "Thing"

* Motion Detector (part of Brava 5 GBM sensor) - the only possible wiring. Again C->G. Regular (Not Inverse). Motion type of a Sensor. same ST integration through cloud. Having a sensor cover on made a huge difference in sensitivity. It probably focuses all "rays" onto sensor. Without cover - 1 ft, with cover - at least 8 ft sensitivity

* CO sensor.  After hours of struggle, works as NO -> Zone, Inverse,  Smoke on a freshly set up zone (old one seemed to have weird "memory" and kept failing me. Hopefully, I can reuse it for a different sensor)

Now things that don`t yet work - I`ll update the post once I get the to work:

* GlassBreak (part of Brava 5). Tried both NC and NO wiring. There is no GlassBreak device type. Andy (Konnected) recommended Motion. Short Circuiting wires Changes Status in ST (but not in device status page). Hopefully, it is connected right and I`m just missing a proper way to test the sensor

* Standalone Motion (for garage) - should work as motion, just didn`t attach it yet

* Heat sensor (garage). Haven`t tried yet, hope to make it work as Smoke

* Flood (yet to find wiring)

* Temp/ Humidity - want to have one in the attic

* Hardened Garage Door sensor (should work as regular door but haven`t tried yet)

Please share your problems/ comments/ what worked and I`ll try updating original post or summarize them once in a while in comments.

Thank you

Follow up on a GlassBreak - when I move jumper into TEST mode - it works. No amount of banging or youtubing glass break sounds triggers it. May be a Bravo5 problem with algorithm of filtering out white noise... Given, this is a bundle sensor with motion - even if I don`t get GlassBreak to work - motion sensor will be sufficient in my setup