Glass break setup


I am new to konnected and I am in the process of connecting glass breaks. I purchased the Honeywell fg 1625 models. I have 2 questions. First, the glass break only has 2 connections on it. One says + and the other -. I assume this connects into one of the zones on the konnected board for the loop and would mean this unit does not require seperate 12v power. Has anyone seen this? Is this normal?

My second question is assuming the connection is correct based on above, what is the normal state for a glass break? If I set it up as an open close sensor it always says open. If I set it up as motion it always says motion. This seems backwards from an alarm triggering stand point. Perhaps I need to set a custom monitor in the smart home security section to alert on the opposite action.

Any help would be great. Thanks

From another thread:

Got it working! If youu had previously installed the Konnected software, make sure to update both the device handlers and the app in your profile on the Smartthings website and select “Update from Repo” on both the my apps page and my device handlers page (make sure to tick the “publish” box before updating). After doing this, go to each sensor in the “My Home” section of the Smartthings app on your phone and select the device. Once the device comes up, tap the gear icon in the upper right hand corner and this will take you to device properties. If your device handler and Konnected app are updated, at the bottom of the screen should be a section titled “normal state” seclect this and change the option to either “normal open” or “normal closed” - choose whichever one works with our sensors… if one doesn’t work, try the other. Good luck!

Help with glassbreak sensors.

I tried normally open, normally closed.  Also tried as open/close and motion sensors.

It just doesn't register as any events happening. 

Under "Recently" in Smart Things app is just said "Contact is closed" and doesn't update status.


They are powered correctly as they have a blinking red LED when I test them by shaking coins in a jar near it.

I have the white wire in zone 1 and green wire in G... 

My door sensors are working for open/close in parallel to the ADT battery powered individual sensors.... so the module is working.

 Mine are doing the same thing. Powered up and sensing but not triggering any events.  Anyone got any suggestions?

Same here.  Anybody have any information on this?  I have thoroughly tested the window break sensor, even down to its sensitivity settings.  I know it is working properly.

 I have a different glass break sensor but looking at the documentation for the FG-1625 there should be a V+ and V- which go to the Aux + and - on your board then a NC that goes to one of the zones and a C which goes to the zones G terminal and I used the motion detector device type.  It then shows opened for a moment when it's activated.

I understand.  I have 2 GlassTek 456 (supposedly) glass break sensors where both are going to the same zone on the Konnected.  I say supposedly, because when I look online for the documentation, I see its internal board diagrams being different than what I have (e.g. there are no jumpers).  That being said, the little one page pamphlet manual that came with sensors does match the layout and mentions no jumpers.  According to the pamphlet, I have wired them as NC and G back to Konnected's Zone and Zone's CG terminal as well as its + and - for power.   When I test them, however, Konnected doesn't report anything.  I am not sure if the sensors themselves suppress those signals and seeing as there are no jumpers, don't know if either (A) they are a model where there's no actual switchable"test mode" or (B) if I got gypped and they are "demo" versions of the product.  Online searches are not yielding productive info.    I posted pictures and would like to avoid replacing them with the Honeywells, especially seeing that if it is (A) and they do work, then I can just chalk it up to that they'll alert when needed.

 That looks like the one I'm using, you said you have more than one on a zone?  If that is the case did you wire them in series NC of one to the Konnected Zone, C on that one to NC on the next one, and C on the last one to the Konnected G?  That way if one opens (goes active) they all open if you just wire them all straight to the Zone and G on the board one being closed would keep all the others closed.  If you snap your fingers right next to the sensor does it light up for a second?  If so it should be  changing the signal at that point.

Yes, the lights work on each sensor.  Ah, ok, I need to wire them in series then.  If I do that, would I need a EOL resistor? Excuse me if that's a stupid question.  My background is in circuit board/chip design, signal processing design, probabilities, and software engineering.   I've not had much practice in electrical wiring and electrical power engineering.

You shouldn’t need EOL resisters with Konnected boards.