Konnected States don't update

I moved from the Raspberry Pi to Docker containers running on Ubuntu Server and am trying to get everything working again.

I have three Konnected boards which were working fine on the Pi. The state (open/closed) of the sensor is correct when Home Assistant starts-up, but the state is never updated again "realtime".

When I look at the status of sensors by going to the IP address of the Konnected board (http:, it shows the correct status of the sensor at that moment.

It also looks like the Konnected boards keep rebooting, because the uptime listed is less than 1 minute.

Konnected version 2.2.6 (flashed each board yesterday)

Home Assistant version 0.90.0

Ubuntu Server, running in Docker container

I have similar problem after 0.90 update. Running Hassio on Docker. On Konnected NodeMCU status page all states are changing and are correct, but in HA they are not working correctly. The binary sensor in HA only changes state when I close the door for example and stays on for more than 1 hour. Reversing the sensor doesn't help. API url on Konnected NodeMCU points to correct API endpoint on local HA IP address. So not sure how to debug further? On previous HA versions everything was fine.

Some more info: sensors change state further when I open/close the door, but status is always reversed. State is always on when door is closed, and vice versa. If I try to reverse the sensors in config, all shows up as open, and when door is opened, state is closed, so also not working correctly.

Just tried on fresh HA 0.90.2 installation. Have the same problem :(

Found that this should be fixed in next release: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/issues/22451