Powering board not using included ac adapter

Hello, I am interested in purchasing a konnected board. I have a quite old ADT system. The only problem is the closet that the panel is all connected into has no power plugs. Though the old panel is likely getting direct connected power somehow. Is there any way to utilize these existing power cables to power the board?

I’m not sure where the power cables are but I do see markings on the diagram called “AC in via 16 VAC”.

I have a few photos of the panel I will attach.


This panel is receiving its power from a 110/16vac transformer and has its own rectifiers onboard for making 12vdc power. That’s the rectifier assembly there above the rectangular yellow label with the 2 medium-sized capacitors.  

The only option is to find the transformer, disconnect it and wire in a standard outlet. Don’t forget to trip the breaker and use a circuit tester to make sure it’s dead before digging in.  There are a lot of things you will be losing, though...  your phone and fire go through this panel and Konnected doesn’t natively interface with these things. 

Sorry for the late response. Power is no longer going to be an issue. Im fine losing fire and phone. Not a problem either.

What im wondering is will the pro kit work for me if all I want to do is take the existing sensors and move them to be using the konnected pro? Or do I need the interface module?

There is an arming panel in the basement but frankly its so damn old I think id rather just use the smart apps with konnected to do all that. I can build my own switches or something to do so. 

If I buy the konnected pro, are the sensor wires the ones in the photo above running on the edge of the board? If so can I just yank this whole board out and connect those wires to the pro?

If so then perfect, ill just order that. I only have window, door, panic, and some motion (that I probably wont continue using) that I want to connect up. Nothing else crazy. I guess if I want to have a physical arming solution I could wire in a little switch to the closet that only me and my roommates know of. Better than nothing. 


I replaced my 30+ year-old alarm system with Alarm Pro and using Home Assistant, which I was already using for smart lights and switches. There is no need for the interface module unless you plan to keep the old system in parallel. You will need to identify which sensor wires go to which zone and which set of wires go to the siren (if you have one).  In my case the zone wiring was labeled clearly on original alarm system.   You'll have to configure the board with Home Assistant, create some automation routines, and then you can use the app to arm/disarm. If you're not familiar with Home Assistant or other home automation software, I suggest you research that first as this is not "plug and play."  Attached are before and after photos.

Good Luck!

I know this post is quite old, however, if you are planning to retain this system and add the interface kit, I was able to do this. It’s a Moose Z1100 system which was quite popular 30 years in our housing development. Ours still works and I was able to install the interface kit successfully along with programming the keyswitch. I’m still trying to figure out how to read the arm status. On the video that Nate did regarding the Ademco system, you need the programmable output. However, this system has a J16 output plug where one of the wires is armed status. Not sure whether this can go directly as a Zone in the Konnected interface board. If anyone out there has done this or can point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m willing to share everything I’ve done up to this point if it helps someone else. I chose to use Alexa only and arm the system making a skill called what is my PIN which triggers the keyswitch zone. If I can figure out how to sense the armed status, I’d be all set.