How to wire trigger and alarm arming?

I am currently planning on wiring up a konnected alarm panel interface to my system and was wondering how to connect the trigger and arm/disarming. My system looks very similar to the one used for the video tutorial, but I don’t see any mentions on the system diagram for the programmable pins, though something similar appears to be on the board. Here are some images of my system:

I’m pretty new to this so I’ll also list some other questions about this whole system.

  1. It is my understanding that having a trigger is required for noonlight monitoring. Is this true?

  2. Can I power the konnected board from the alarm system itself? The wiring diagram says 600ma max but the boards usually come with higher amp ratings. Would this be an issue at all?

  3. The keypad panel I have is not ideal for reprogramming but it appears that it can do it. How difficult would it be to hook up a different keypad for programming?

  4. On an unrelated note, I’m interested in the konnected battery for some of my networking equipment. How is battery health maintained on those units? Are the batteries charged to 80% or something?

For anyone who’s read this block of text thank you lol.

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Also to add, here is an image of the box itself. It looks to have programmable pins but I am not certain.

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Hey @Birb,

I am just starting with the alarm myself. So I’m only going to address the first question from above the picture of the wiring diagram, since I’m not sure about any of the others. You didn’t mention which automation platform you are using but hopefully it’s Home Assistant. Otherwise this won’t help at all… I found that this tutorial was very helpful to understanding how the alarm arms/disarms and how to set it all up.

I hope that helps clear some things up. Being that I just starting configuring everything myself, I’m not certain if the existing arming panel, on the wall in my house, will work or not. I’ll try to keep you updated when/if I figure that out.

Yep, I am planning on using this with home assistant. That tutorial will certainly be useful for me, but it doesn’t appear to address some questions I have with regards to my alarm panel. I wasn’t that clear with my objectives.

I want the alarm system to function independently. That means arming/disarming from the keypad and having the system trigger the alarm if conditions are meant. I want the konnected boards to monitor the sensor statuses and if the alarm was triggered, then notify through noonlight. In the install tutorial for the alarm panel interface they hook up konnected to some programmable pins to see if the system was triggered or not. My main concern right now is how this connection will work with my alarm panel, as I don’t see the relevant mention for the programmable pins in the wiring diagram.

This is all based off of my understanding that having that trigger information is required for noonlight.

Do you have the 4204 relay module? I think you need that extra board to provide programmable outputs. Check those 9 pins you have. You may be able to use the first and fifth pin. You can check the programming in menu #79. Test with a multimeter to see if pins go low or high


Something like this

I do not believe I have the relay module. I’ll definitely need to investigate those pins.