Need some help connecting to Bosch Easy Series

Hi all,

I need some help setting up my just received konnected system on a Bosch Easy Series. This is the set-up I'm trying to have:

Some pictures of my system:

I'm very new in all of this (I did not do the original installation myself) so I've some questions:

  1. I do not immediately find where to put the 12v AUX wires since I do not have this indication on my system, where should I put it?
  2. There are two outputs for each zone on my panel, where should I plug them?
  3. Where to connect the relay?
  4. Can I avoid using the external adapter?
Thanks for all the help!

Hi all,

Just to mention that I managed to install the system, entirely, mostly using this great video:

I'll answer my own questions in case anyone struggles with this :-)

1. 12v AUX wires need to be connected on the white +/- 12VDC connector on the left

2. The left output on each zone is the "high" and should be used

3. I connected the relay to a free Zone. I had to use 2 transistors and the NC (see the wiring above in figure 1.1, the right set-up in number 8)

4. Yes, use the same white 12VDC connector as in 1


- I also could not use zone 1 (as mentioned in the video) so had to move the sensor connected to zone 1 to another zone

Everything is actually very nicely explained in the video, I should've watched that one first before posting this topic.

Good luck!

I’m trying and failing getting a programmable Output connected to a zone on the interface to monitor the armed state. The Bosch is correctly programmed I think, but I cannot get the wiring right. Anyone facing something similar?

This is becoming a lonely topic. I got the above working too!

Connect a wire between the programmable output 1 NO and a zone on the Konnected Interface. Program the output to trigger when "System Enabled". Tune the potentiometer, et voila.

I also used "Motion" as zone type BTW, does the trick.


Hi Wouter,

Thanks for the detailed updates, you give me some confidence I will be able to convert an existing Bosch easy series as well!

For clarity that alarm system has an option for alarm armed away and a separate option for alarm armed stay.

In the away mode all sensors trigger burglar alarms (including the bedrooms), while in stay mode the bedroom sensors are neglected. Basically you use the away mode when leaving the house and the stay mode when you go to sleep.

In your comments you refer to monitoring the armed state, how does this work when there are two states?

As a second question, can you trigger both states from your phone? How does this work?

Kind regards and thanks again for documenting your install, great work!


Apologies for the late reply :-). There is good and bad news.

The good news:

Using 2 zones on konnected to monitor both "System On" and "System On (Unoccupied)", you can easily derive which mode your alarm is on:

- When "System On" is true, but "System On (Unoccupied)" is false, you have your alarm armed in the "At home" mode
When "System On (Unoccupied)" is true, you have your alarm armed in the "Away" mode

The bad news:

I did not find a way to arm the alarm in the "At home" mode, only in the "Away" mode. Given I'm using the set-up which allows me to also still use the keypads of the alarm system, I don't see this as a real problem, since when I'm out of the house, I do want to enable the "Away" mode, and I can use the keypads at home to arm in the "At home" mode.

FYI, I'm using a Home Assistant on RPi, with which I could do some nice things:

- Notify me when I forgot to enable the alarm when my wife and I are out of the house

- Notify me when there is motion detected when my wife and I are not at home (independent of the alarm is armed or not)

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!

Kind regards

Hi Wouter, Belgian customs office finally released my package, so I went straight into installation mode.

Long story short, with your testimony I got almost all up and running.

- Monitoring existing sensors --> check (I also had to use the left output ports)

- Arming/disarming the alarm in away mode --> thanks for the tip on the dual transistors on the relay, works like a charm in combination with the Bosch "On/Off switch". FYI I tried fiddling around with double tapping the impulse switch in order to be able to arm in Home mode but could indeed not get that working.

Where I am still stuck though is in the monitoring of the armed stated. On my system I only have the output 1 free. As per your suggestion I connected the  NO port from output 1 to zone 5 on my second interface panel (bottom interface panel in the picture). The jumper on the left of the Bosch output ports is connecting the bottom two pins as per your pictures. I tuned the potentiometer to be just on in disarmed mode. I then programmed the Bosch to trigger output 1 when system is enabled. I hear a clicking sound, but never manage to get the Konnected system to register anything.

Do you have any suggestions? Anything you see wrong in the picture? Is there a need for resistors in the outputs? Is there a loop configuration to be made in the Bosch system on top of the triggers?

So close from a perfect solution, thanks for having a look...


Hi, good to hear you have things working! Reading the state was indeed tricky. Here is my solution:

  • Have the jumper just left of the first output on the top 2 pins (Switched Ground mode).
  • Indeed, connect to NO.
  • When calibrating the potentiometer, you have to work in the opposite way than the sensors. Whe disarmed, tune it so the light is just off. When armed, the light should jump on.
  • I also notice that, depending on the state you monitor (system enabled: 8, system enabled in away state: 15), monitoring state 15 only works correctly when you close the alarm central.

Hope this helps, let me know!

Kind regards,

Thanks for the update Wouter.

By fiddling around, I found two methods to get it working. For my case I only have 1 free output available and I therefore chose to only monitor "Armed away" which translate to mode 15 in the Bosch system.

1) put the jumper on the bottom two pins and put a resistor between NO and ground. Wire from NO to a zone on the interface panel and turn the potentiometer all the way to the left. This then reports the status correctly. --> On occasion I did see strange short term trigger behavior, so I am guessing this is not the right way to connect it.

2) Basically your method: no resistors, jumper on bottom two pins, wire from NO on the Bosch to a zone on the interface panel. In Konnected then reverse the state reporting. Having an "Armed Away" status now correctly reports as contact sensor open.

Once again thanks for your help, I am happy with the system as it is today. In an ideal scenario I would have more free programmable outputs to also monitor "Armed at home", but I am happy I could keep the original system in place (including land lines, support contract, certification etc.) and in parallel move to a modern HomeKit integration at acceptable cost.

I can now arm and disarm in away mode and get confirmation the action actually had effect and triggered the change status of the alarm system.

Glad I could help.


Hey, as I am looking into buying konnected to make my Bosch easy series smarter . I do want to keep the existing systeem, so I will require the interfacing module as well….  Did you happen to have a smoke alarm connected as well?  I read from konnected website that is not that easy or impossible to do.

kind Regards, Wim

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@Yannick, would it be elaborate more on "Arming/disarming the alarm in away mode --> thanks for the tip on the dual transistors on the relay, works like a charm in combination with the Bosch "On/Off switch". "

I am trying to find out how to arm/disarm from a script. However I am missing a bit of information from your description. What do you mean with "dual transistor"? On which "relay"? 

Thanks for the info.


It is in the figure 1.1 in the first posts (System component wiring overview). The figure basically describes several config options. I had to use the reference in the circle 8 to get things to work. This meant having to use two resistors (ordered online).

In the picture attached it is the area with the red circle.

At anyone who already installed the panel on the Bosch easy series: how did you manage to install the panel without the outside sirene going off? If I disconnect the power and the battery, the sirene goes off. Not easy to continue working on it and the neighbours don’t like that as well.

Ready to start connecting the panel …’

kind regards, Wim

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In the outside sirene box there is a battery as well.

Open the box of the alarm, dial in to the unit with the admin code (surpresses the alarms), dus connect battery of the alarm box, go outside, open the outside exlosure, disconnect that battery.

Hey Yannick, tx for your help. Got it working. I had to install an additional Bosch expansion board (DX2010) as I had no remaining free zones: I had to replace zone 1 and want to arm/disarm the alarm. This last one still needs to be done. 

I use the integration of Konnected within Home assistant.

Mmm I do not manage to read the status of the alarm (armed or not). I first had to rewire a programmable output is all of them were occupied. I first used the state 8 (armed) without succes. I also tried state 15 also with no success. Moreover the manual I have only has states described upto 13 ….

All is working so far... I can get the status armed/disarmed and can arm/disarm (arming away only).

Now, I want to detect when there is an alarm/sirene active.

I have the same configuration as below... The OUTPUT 1 is now programmed to get the status armed/disarmed. OUTPUT 2 and 3 are sirenes and OUTPUT 4 is a fire alarm.

As I don't have free outputs, I would need to re-use an existing output and capture the status. For OUTPUT 2/3, there is a 10k resistance between + and - and the signal to the sirene is in the -. Just like in the picture below. Btw: the power of the sirene is done with the 12V connector on the alarm, so the output is only the "signal" to (de-)activate the sirene.

When I measure the voltage between + and -, I got a +-4V. While the signal to the sirene is connected to the -, however the signal to the sirene seems to be "high", I would assume that the - is not ground.

Any idea now how to wire the output 2 or 3 to get back the status of the alarm?

Thanks for your help


Hi - I’m one more Belgian with this alarm system.

Configuring the sensors went smooth, but I have the following issues:

  • relay for arming / disarming: I’m pretty sure I did it correctly, but the alarm maintenance person did the programming for me and I think it’s wrong. For that reason: how do you guys program this? I don’t have a fixed phone line anymore - I tried using an old device - but I actually understood I could just use one of the displays and use the programmer PIN code ?

  • for reading the armed / not armed state: I already have the orange block occupied I think ( outer sirene, outer light, inner sirene , smoke detector power (?)) would you know what my options are? I was thinking to eg just put the siren and light flash together ?