Old C&K with existing monitoring service

 I have a really old C&K system (236 or 236i) with a monitoring service.

I’d like to keep the existing monitoring service because it’s a grandfathered plan that is about 1/3 the cost of their current plans.

The existing panel/service connects via the regular POTS line, which I like since it works during power outages. I’d like to keep this feature as an option, but may end up cancelling my POTS in the future, so it’s not absolutely critical.

I may have some misconceptions, so any corrections would be appreciated.

My questions are:
1. Is the Alarm Panel V2 or Pro, with the Interface Expansion board, compatible with the C&K system? (i.e. input from sensors, arm/disarm)
    - I watched the “Konnected Alarm Panel Interface Kit (2nd Gen) Install Demo - Part 1”, which only covers connecting to the Zone connectors for the sensors, which I think should work in my case.
    - But, there’s no Part II video for adding system arming/disarming functionality (or programming)
    - My C&K only has one Data connection between the keypad and panel (two wires, but they terminate on the same connector) and  install guides for other similar systems (e.g. Hub6) seemed to expect two Data wires from the keypad with separate connections on the panel. I'm not sure if Konnected requires separate Data connections for arming/disarming funcationality
2. The video goes through adjusting the ‘tunable potentiometers’, which involves triggering the door and window sensors by opening the doors and windows.  What would the process for the smoke/fire sensor be? What about the motion sensors?
3. One of the zones is labelled “supervisor” or “24 supervisor”, any suggestions on what that is and do I need to connect to it like with the other zones which are connected to sensors?

Fire alarm has been great in in the system.

 Adding system arming/disarming functionality on the 236 is very simple. Zone 6 can be programmed to be a key switch zone. No where in the programming sheets for the 236 do they show how to do it or even that it exists. The 236E indicates you can  convert zone 6 to key switch arming.

My 236 has a "8-700-049-02" Eprom chip, the 236E has a "8-700-049-01" chip.

I utilized the program sheet for the 236E. The 236 with the Eprom chip ending in 02  made Zone 6 into a key switch with very little programming.

Smart Things now shows the zones and a switch to arm and disarm the system.

You can start and stop the arming or disarming through the app or by the keypad.