Napco Gemini

Does anyone have experience upgrading a Gemini Alarm system to Konnected? We still use the alarm every night, so I'm not sure if I should go with the Konnected Panel or Interface.  We have two display keypads, two audible siren/voice alarms, a heat detector, broken glass sensor, and sensors on doors and windows. I don't know how many zones. I've tried reading the user manual I found online. If someone could explain what is what in my Alarm panel, or share a link that would help it would be greatly appreciated. 

Gem-P3200.  Picture attached.

And here is the wiring Diagram


Didi you have an answer to your question. I have similar question and interested to learn

Hello, what happens to my existing wireless zones after I install your device? I currently have a Napco alarm system. Do I have to switch out my existing wireless sensors for Konnected ones? Thanks

Im in the same boat, would like to know if Gemini board can be used to upgrade to Konnected.  I did submit a ticket and waiting for results

I am using Konnected Pro with a Gemini 3200 panel. Works perfectly and I have keyswitch arming configured. Also using the E4 lug to monitor arm/disarm status.

Would you be willing to share pictures/procedures/tips? I am particularly interested in how you programmed the keyswitch and utilized the E4 lug to monitor the status.
Anthony Huemann

 I have a Gemini that i believe has a bunch of wireless sensors.  Can I upgrade it with a konnected board and retain the existing sensors?  Attached is a window sensor. 

thanks for the help!!

Have gotten zone monitoring working fine. Albeit that all my CO detectors are connected to the keypad zones so figuring out if they trigger seems to be impossible without another Connected interface up at the keypad.

@Josh - am also interested in seeing how you got the alarm status, armed status and key switch arming to work. 

For arm status...

I've got a Gemini P1632, so it looks like lug E15 is the equivalent to your lug E4. Did you need to program this on the panel or did it just work?

For alarm status...

How did you get this? I was thinking of using one of the PGM outputs, but wasn't sure if I could achieve the same thing just connecting to the Bell output

For key switch arming...

Seems like this is achieved using a zone on the board. As all mine are used up then I was guessing I could use a zone doubling resistor on one of them but wasn't sure. Anyone with experience of this, let me know.

I'm on the fence about whether to purchase the interface kit yet.  Done a lot of research and watched a lot of videos.

I have an old mid-90s Napco system and have found, after much effort, that it is keyswitch compatible.  I have no idea, though, how I might have to program my old system to use the interface kit with the relay module to do this.  I guess I might need the dealer code for my system, but I'm not sure about that, etc.

My wife is reluctant to change the system we have with landline monitoring and a crappy monitoring service even though I'm confident I could use the conversion kit to fully replace our old system and use Smartthings and the much cheaper monitoring system available with this option.

If Joshua or anybody else could tell me what you need to do to enable keyswitch besides connect the interface module to an open zone, I'd really appreciate it.

I happily replaced a 16-zone entirely wired Napco Gemini P816 installation. All works great.

I decided NOT to go in parallel with the existing board because I don't have the master codes to reprogram it.


 @Chris or Gavin,

"I have an old mid-90s Napco system and have found, after much effort, that it is keyswitch compatible.  I have no idea, though, how I might have to program my old system to use the interface kit with the relay module to do this. "

Did either of you find out if the switch zone option worked? I have a Napco P801 and it has a "PRG" terminal that is not in use at all on my board, but I'm not clear if that is usable for arming/disarming purposes.

 FYI lug E15 totally works form alarm arm status on the Gemini P1632.

I've yet to figure out alarm status. I had the alarm company come out to double my zones and add a keyswitch zone (dude said he had to use 2 zones on the panel since they shared a common ground), but didn't think to have them program the pgm1-2 terminals for status.

I have a gem-p3200  it only has 8 zones on the panel. However it appears that each keypad can have zones on it.  I have 6 keypads, and they all appear to have 4 sensors on them (separately zoned).

I was thinking I was going to need to buy 6 konnected panels (7 actually for the actual panel).  

However, I've found that it looks like they homerunned everything to the basement, connected a bunch of them to the keypad wires there to get the hybrid zones,  then just ran a few sensors and all 6 keypads and the smokes up to the actual panel.  So, now I'm thinking I can run a 24 zone konnected near the homerunned location and another up at the actual panel. 

I have the same issue, trying to install a konnected interface to a Napco GEM-P3200.  Without more specific instructions it doesn't look like something I want to get started on.  I asked customer service and their response was "I'm sorry we don't have info on a Napco panel"