Full ADT system with integration kit questions

I've seen the installation videos and guides, but I have a few particulars that I'm not sure is addressed specific to my system.

The absolute perfect solution is the Konnected Integration kit to continue using the old system, while being capable of detection and remote arm/disarm. This is what I am looking to ultimately achieve.

Question One - Zones

We have an older 10p chip and SafeWatch 3000 keypad. The board has 8 zones total, and all 8 zones are consumed.

Since the integration board and relay requires a free zone to remote arm/disarm, what could be done? Is there a way to "expand" to more zones? Could I rewire zones 6 and 7 to combine them, leaving one free for the Konnected relay? Would I have to reprogram the alarm system zones?

Question Two - Additional Sensors

So if all the above is no problem, and I have it all working with the integration kit, am I able to add additional Konnected sensors to the Konnected board, such that I can now do the following:

a) monitor and manage the wired ADT system, and
b) add temperature sensors, buzzers, etc to the Konnected alarm panel, and individually manage these too

You could get the 12-zone kit if you want each sensor to report individually, or you could wire up multiple sensors of the same kind (contact sensors, motion sensors) into a single zone, but then you don’t get individual zone reporting.