Vista 15P not longer 6 zones if used in parallel with Konnected

Just received my kit to maintain current alarm system vista 15p and have access to it with an app. 

It is not a simple straight forward instructions to that, and I found that when saw on the instructions paper there is two Z6  to connect on the old alarm. And that is not the only contradiction on the instructions I have found around.  So, I bought the 6 zones konnected system because my vista 15p is also 6 zones, but now that I am trying to install it found out:

  1. For vista 15p I will be only able to use 4 zones instead of the 6 it originally have. Z1 is not compatible with konnected, but some of the instructions indicated that I still can use it if I connect a 2000 ohm resistor (what is right?).  I need to free a zone  so that I can keep using the original keypad (arming the original system). All of this requires not only rewiring but also reprograming. 

Options I am considering:
  1. Rewire and reprogram to use only 4 zones
  2. Purchase the 4229 ademco expansion / relay module. and keep my original 6 zones or more.   (need to investigate how to wire it and program it.
I have downloaded the ademco programing manual... and it is not an easy task to handle it.

Any other suggestions?

well, my option 2 seem to not only involve the purchase of the 4229, but to purchase as well another konnected module. The reason is that in order to read the armed/disarmed and the "alarmed status" I need to use 2 zones, one for each.  So that leaves me with only 4 zones I would be able to use to sense house zoned sensors.  

It looks like I got deceived by Konnected where I was expecting to use my 6 zones in parallel , but the way my alarm system vista 15P  capabilities seems to prevent the usage of all the zones with current konnected device designs. It would be a good idea on the design to add additional connections to the board: 

  • One com port to be able to use zone 1 on my vista alarm.
  • 2 ports to read the arm, and the alarm status.