No Available Zones on VISTA-15P SIA

I recently purchased a six-zone kit to connect to my existing home security system.
It’s a Honeywell VISTA-15P SIA.
What I had hoped to be able to do was attach it to my smart home system where I could monitor the zones as well as use my Inovelli switches by the doors not near the keypad to arm and disarm the alarm. This would be helpful for letting the dog out back at night after the alarm has been armed as the panel is in the front of the house. The Inovelli switch would display the arm status with a green or red LED indication.

I would like to monitor the six existing zones, monitor the arm/disarm status and trigger as well as have a keyswitch zone I could control with my Inovelli switches.

My problem two fold.

  1. Even though I went through the ordering wizard questionaire and purchased the product I thought was correct, I should have purchased a 12 zone kit to be able to accommodate what I would have wanted to do.

  2. I don’t have any spare zones on my VISTA board. The 15P SIA does not have terminals for the 18-19-20 position. All the zones are occupied so I couldn’t relocate zone 1 anyway. As far as the keyswitch there’s no spare zone on the board.

So, I guess it’s now an act of compromise. More than anything else I would want to be able have a keyswitch and, of course, the arming status shared with my smart home so I can see the and change the arming status at the wall switches. Can the keyswitch be programmed at either 17 and 18 zone for the 8-pin connector for the triggers?

EDIT: My keypad is a 6150 so the information on the display is not very verbose.