How to interface to 17 zone system

I would like to keep my Napco system as is, but I’d like to be able to monitor and control it remotely. Do I really need to buy 2X of the pro interface kits? What about the standard interface kits?

You can use our 18-zone Alarm Panel Interface Kit which consists of 3 WiFi Alarm Panel boards and 3 interface modules.

The main difference between this and the Pro Interface Kits is that this model does not have Ethernet.

How about a 30+ zone system? I think…
I have a Honeywell APEX Destiny 6100 Security Alarm that has 16 zones on the motherboard and 16 on an expansion board. It handles 30 windows/doors plus 2 motions. Oddly, the motherboard only has 6 zones wired and the rest must fit on the expansion board (which supposedly will handle 16 more). I don’t really need to to automate EVERY window, but I’d like to know the armed state and if alarms are triggered. Can I get by with only a few interface boards? Not sure where I’d intercept the alarm state from the board.

Yes, if you only want to monitor some of the zones and the armed/alarm state, then you only need the number of interface module zones for the number of zones/states that you want to monitor.

This panel has Auxilary Outputs highlighted on the right side of the panel. This is where you would connect the interface module to monitor the armed state and alarm states of the panel as a whole. You will need to program those Auxilary Outputs in the panel’s installer mode to activate on armed/disarmed and alarm trigger. Reference the installer manual for your panel to learn how to do that – Konnected can’t advise on how to program your traditional panel.

Hope that helps!