ADT Pulse System - No Zones connected?


I have an ADT Pulse system that came with the house.  I have a motion sensor by the front door and sensors on most doors and windows.  We get 3 beeps when a door or window is opened, so I know most sensors are working properly.  I watched the install video then took a look at my panel.  It appears that I have a fire alarm equipment board and the regular alarm system board.  The odd part is 1) they didn't list zones anywhere to help me identify them and 2) there are no wires connected to the zone spots on the alarm board, per the diagram in the alarm panel door.  Why would that be?  The install seems simple enough, but I am getting hung up on not having any wires connected for zones.

Attaching my setup and diagram.

Hi Ryan, I have the same setup, were you able to find out how to distinguish the zones after all?


I figured it out it’s because there was another panel housing all the zones wires. That panel has cellular connection.

Hello Daniel,

What does that panel look like?

Was there a resolution to this? Have same system with no zones attached to the board. Can I use the Konnected system?

I finally figured it out.  The wires with zones are housed in the attic on top of the furnace.  Not sure why that is and so far from the ADT box downstairs.

So you integrated the Konnected system into that panel in the attic? Any issues with heat?

I didn’t actually end up doing it.

Did you attempt it yet?