Not able to connect WiFi after flashing ESPhome firmware

Hi, I was successfully flashing the ESPhome firmware. Once the firmware flashed, the blue light start to blink and not able to connect any WiFi even the router is sitting next to it. When I reverted it back to Konnected firmware, WiFi is immediately recognized. Is there any way to fix this issue? I am using the standard 6 zone alarm panel. Thanks!

Can you share the esphome yaml you flashed the device with?

Be sure to add your WiFi details in the yaml and I would recommend adding the AP config also for fallback in case it can’t connect to WiFi.

information on configuring both WiFi and AP are available on the esphome website.

Hi, sorry for my late reply. I use the installation website and download the driver from the recommdation websites to flash the ESP. Since it failed, I reverted it back to most recent firmware for Konnected. Then the WiFi issue just resolved. Could you please advise how I check the YAML file for the ESPHOME firmware? Thanks!