Wifi not connecting on app

Hi! I was trying to install my new Konnected 6 zpne alarm pannel. I got through the cylce of selecting my wifi, and I see on my rooter that the device is connected but the app still says waiting for wifi and then nothing happens?? Please help!

this is of no help to you, but unfortunately, I have the same problem, the blue light is supposed to flash continuously but it is not flashing, I have tried reboot and reset buttons, but have no idea as to how to use them, pleased I decided to try this out before connecting into my system, because at least it can be returned if I can’t connect, good luck with yours

I was able to connect by rebooting the app and skip the network info, there is a link at the bottom of the page and from there it started searching for new devices onto the network and it worked! I hope this helps you!