Konnected app won’t connect to panels

I’ve cycled power, pressed the reboot and reset button multiple times, but nothing I do will allow the Konnected app to connect to my paired panels. Nothing has changed, not sure why suddenly they don’t work. Green and blue flashing lights as well. Any suggestions?

The green light on the Konnected panel should never be flashing. The green light is the power indicator, and it should be on solid whenever the device is powered. If it’s flashing, that indicates a problem with the power supply. If you’ve changed the wiring, there might be a short circuit on the 12V side and the power supply is faulting/resetting. If no wiring has changed, then you might have a failed power supply.

Try plugging it in with a different power supply. Also try removing any 12V AUX connected devices like motion sensors or tablet charges to narrow down the source of the fault.

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That was it. Changed the adapter and it’s working again. Thanks!