Konnected Alarm Panel Pro stopped working (green and blue leds on)

I began setting up my Konnected Alarm Panel Pro recently. Everything was functioning initially, but after a few hours, the device became unresponsive. I couldn’t even ping it. Both the green and blue LED indicators remain lit continuously.

I’ve attempted a 10-second reset, but it didn’t seem to work.

Additionally, when I tried flashing the device, my PC manages to establish a COM port, but the flashing process always fails. Even holding down the reset button during installation didn’t help.

This morning, I noticed that the green, blue, and red LEDs were all lit when I connected the device to my PC. After a few reconnections, it’s back to just the green and blue LEDs being constantly lit.

Do you have any suggestions for troubleshooting this? And any insights into what might have caused this issue?

The green LED is the power indicator. It’s supposed to be constantly lit.

The blue LED is a status indicator. When it’s solid blue, that indicates a problem. It could be a firmware corruption issue or also possibly a hardware failure (the chip is fried).

To determine if it’s recoverable, try the following steps:

  1. Press the reboot button. Does the blue LED briefly flicker? If yes, that’s good … it’s probably recoverable. If no, then the chip may be fried.
  2. Re-flash the firmware at install.konnected.io or Konnected Flash Tool - ESPHome - Install Konnected via Web Browser. Does it connect and begin flashing? If yes, that’s good news.
  3. Connect by USB and go to install.konnected.io and select Logs & Console. When the console window pops-up, click Reset Device. Do you see boot output in the console window? If yes, that’s good news. If no, the chip may be fried.

If none of those steps work to recover the device, please reach out to us at help@konnected.io for a warranty replacement.