Konnected board can't find my wifi

It has the green power light showing that I have power but the blue light just flashes all the time. The Konnected app on my phone can't see it either. But when I check for it on the Wifi drop down menu on my computer there it is.

I've powered it all down overnight and even reset my Wifi modem and my Smarttings app and replaced the Wifi board on the Konnected main board. Still no go. 

I'd appreciate any ideas on this.

I should mention that it was working for an hour or so. I opened the newer ST app instead of classic by mistake and it wiped  all the doors and such off the classic app. Now it can't even find the Konnected board.

I've taken this back a far as I can short of pulling all the zones off the mother board and starting over. No idea what to try next. 

I had issues and i just ended up flashing the Wifi Module.

Thanks Paul, I got it going eventually but honestly can't recall what I did to get it going.