"No Devices found"


I am trying to get my Konnected boards setup in the new app, but none of them are displaying.

  • I am using the Alarm Panel Kit 4X and they are all V1.
  • I have reflashed each of the units with:
  1. firmware 2.3.5.bin
  2. filesystem2.3.5.img
  • I have connected each of the boards to the wifi using both the app and the my Mac. 
  • All the boards can be seen connected in my routers table
  • I have rebooted both my router and devices several times

Is there anything else I can do.



I just had a similar problem. Were you able to resolve it?

Did you guys resolve your issue?  I have the same issue.  

I got them working and then they stopped again. Then they were just intermittent. I stuck all 4 boards in the bin and bought a proper alarm system. An intermittent Alarm system is no good to anyone.

Experience same issue

Hi all seems to be a current post. I'm going to give it a shot - https://help.konnected.io/support/solutions/articles/32000030723-devices-can-t-be-discovered-on-konnected-ios-app

Did the trick. Need to use Nmap. I was not even able to use Fing on my device as must be the same issues.