Can't get the Konnected app to see my version 2 panels

I'm trying to reconfigure my 2, version 2  6-zone alarm panels.  They've been installed and working fine for a couple of years, but now I need to make changes due to some work I've done around the house.  My android konnected mobile app won't find the panels with the search function, and it doesn't recognize them when I try to add their IP and port manually. I am, however, able to view the status page for each panel in a browser using the same ip and port number.

My phone is on the same wifi network as the panels.

Any ideas would be great.

I opened a support ticket for this 5 days ago, but other than "have you updated your app?" (I have), there haven't been any other responses despite several followup queries.

Followup - loaded the app on my wife's iPhone, and was able to configure the panels.  Appears to be a problem with the Android app.