Devices Offline seemingly out of nowhere

My konnected setup has been running perfectly for some time with smartthings. A few days ago noticed smarthings was showing all the alarm devices off line. I went into the Konnected app and both my boards are showing a yellow triangle⚠️. I unplugged the power, let it sit for a few minutes and then plugged back in. When doing so, a green light goes on for 2 to 3 seconds then turns off. No blue light or Any other lights come on. Now stumped on what to do.

It sounds like a power supply issue. The green light is a power indicator, and if it turns of that means the board is not getting power.

thanks. So, I bypassed the batter backup and now the green light stays on, but still the board doesnt show as active in the Konnected app and no blue light either. (blue light is wifi right?)

When the blue light turns off, that means it’s connected to WiFi.
Sounds like you are re-connected properly.

It is typical that your router may assign it a new IP address, so the app may not be able to connect to the previous address. I use a DHCP reservation in my router, this way the IP address for the Alarm Panel Pro stays constant.