Issues with Konnected Panel Since ESPHome 2024.6

Has anyone else experienced constant online and offline bounces for their Konnected alarm panels since upgrading to Esphome 2024.6? Tens of times per day at random intervals my panel bounces online and offline which I know because I get push notifications for my wired contact sensors changing status. I can see that the device in HA and all of its entities goes unavailable and then back again.

I’m having issues with my new pro panel also . It’s been running great I installed it about two weeks ago. I woke up this morning to everything reading offline.

If you’re using a Konnected Alarm Panel Pro that’s connected via Ethernet, it might be related to the Ethernet PHY settings that need to be added since ESPHome 2024.6 for the Pro v1.8 (and upcoming v1.9) for Ethernet connectivity to work properly.

Quick answer

If you are using the Konnected app to manage/update your device’s firmware, edit the firmware settings in the app, then follow the steps in the app to build and perform a firmware update with the latest (v1.1.4.x) project version.

If you are managing your firmware in ESPHome dashboard, add the following to your ESPHome config:

    - address: 0x10
      value: 0x1FFA
      page_id: 0x07

See alarm-panel-pro-v1.8-ethernet.yaml for a complete example.

Detailed answer:

Around the beginning of 2024 we started receiving Pros that had really flaky Ethernet connections and it took us a long time to figure out. Ultimately we finally figured out that the issue was caused by a change in the default behavior in the PHY controller chip on the board, and we had to change some PHY register settings to fix it in the firmware.

Well, it turns out that this change broke some other Ethernet devices using the same PHY chip, specifically the LilyGo ETH lite which is a popular/cheap dev board. Oops.

To fix it for everyone, the decision was made to add a new build-time config option to ESPHome so that projects/products can set the PHY registers for their needs, and not assume the same settings for every device out there. This change was included in ESPHome 2024.6 and newer.

We’ve updated our ESHome config packages at konnected-esphome but if you’ve been maintaining your own config, it would not automatically pull in our change. So that’s why updating to 2024.6, without these new settings, may cause a degradation in your device’s ethernet link quality.

Let us know if that helps!

Mine is a regular panel connected via wifi. Some logs I collected can be found at the following link.

This is interesting and not something I have seen before. That big crash dump at the beginning is new to me.

Nothing has changed recently in our ESP8266 packages so I’m wondering if it’s an ESPHome issue. Have you searched for any similar reports in ESPHome issues?

Yeah, and I posted in the ESPHome forums on the HA Community site. Part of me is wondering if my board is going bad, because it was working fine for several months and now it’s constant problems.

Today I tried to enable the Local Native API in the Konnected App, but it fails to install the firmware every time I try to install it.

at what point does the install fail?

It would run through the install process and then tell me it failed when it booted back up. It also completely disconnected the board from ESPHome and I had to change the encryption key and then reinstall via OTA from ESPHome to get it connected in HA again.

If you’re doing OTA updates from ESPHome dashboard and the Konnected app, that would be the problem. You should choose one method or the other and stick with it. The ESPHome dashboard method is the DIY approach (you own/maintain the configuration YAML that’s imported from our open-source packages). The Konnected app method is the done-for-you path (we maintain the configuration YAML and your customizations on the back end).

Probably what’s happening here is not really an error at all. If you’ve saved your WiFi credentials via the ESPHome dashboard import, then update the firmware via the Konnected app, it’s gonna wipe out those credentials so when the board comes back up after reboot it needs to be re-connected to WiFi via the captive portal.

Also if you are using an encryption key for the API, the key generated in ESPHome dashboard will be different from the one generated in the Konnected app.

Basically just stick with one update pathway and you’ll be fine.

I had never done anything with the app before yesterday, so the original problems I am having were not caused by that. Still not sure why my board bounces online and offline.

It should also be noted that I don’t believe my wireless is the problem as I have a gdo blaq that is after away from the access point and in a worse RF environment.

Not sure if this is related. I have 2 original Konnected 6 zone alarm boards since kickstart.

I am using them with Smarthings since 2019.

I switched over to Konnected cloud last year for easier firmware update and all.

Everything was working fine until I unregistered both devices from Konnected app. My mistake…

I registered them again and when I go back to Smarthings app my Konnect service is disconnected I can no longer enter my credentials …I get an error page 404…

If you are using the SmartThings android version, there is a problem. You need to use the iOS version to link Konnected with SmartThings.

Yes thanks. I used iPhone…gonna keep that in mind for next issues…