Issues installing GDO blaq, will not function

I have a LiftMaster with Secuity+ 2.0 / P3 Motors.

Initially I ordered the GDO white before closing on the house, unknowing what opener I even had. I missed the return window before finding out that I needed the blaq.

Upon installing the blaq per option 1 of installation and flashing the device. I managed to get into the GDO blaq by getting the ip for the device.

However when I go to open the door, I am getting a beeping sound, not sure if its from the GDO or the garage door motor unit itself as I have used double sided tape to stick the opener to the side of the motor unit so I can see the led lights.

Upon beeping, it locks out the controls and I cannot click open, close, or stop.

If I reset the device, I am able to reproduce the above issue.

Hi @T_S,

Please post a picture of the wiring and/or a screenshot of the device logs (go to the IP address of the GDO blaQ in your browser to view the logs). I’m sure we can help, but need more details to know what the problem is (sounds like possibly a wiring issue?)