Initial GDO Blaq power-up and onboarding

I’m trying out the first of two GDO Blaqs I bought, and it’s not encouraging. I had no problem connecting it to my home wifi. I can see the device’s status page by entering its IP address into a web browser.

After that, I downloaded the Konnected app for my Pixel 7 phone and tried to add the device using the “Discover Devices” function. The app just scans forever.

So I tried “Add Device by IP address” in the app’s three dots menu. Easy enough to enter the correct IP address, but what port number should I enter? Not documented. Entering either 80 or the app’s example of 9123 did not work. The app doesn’t seem to find the Blaq.

What do the Blaq’s status LEDs mean? Not documented. I have a solid green light and a blue light blinking about every 2 seconds.

So I went to Konnected Flash Tool - Install Konnected via Web Browser to install the freshest firmware. The Blaq’s status page shows a completely different firmware numbering scheme than the flash tool web page. Do I have the latest firmware, or not? Figured out I need to connect the BlaQ to my PC with a USB cable to do this. Not documented. Went ahead and updated firmware, and saw in the Blaq’s status page did show a higher firmware rev number, again not corresponding to the number shown at Konnected Flash Tool - Install Konnected via Web Browser.

I think the Blaq is ready to install to my garage door opener, but without the phone app working, I’m hesitant. My plan is to control the Blaq though Hubitat.

The most common reason that discovery doesn’t work are:

  1. the device is connected to a “guest” network, which by design does not allow other devices on the network to see it, or
  2. your phone is not on the same WiFi network as the Konnected device

You can add the GDO blaQ manually using the Add ESPHome device manually option on the 3-dots menu. You don’t need a port number, only need to know the IP address of the device. Our newer products use a firmware based on ESPHome, and we are in the middle of transitioning all of our products to the newer and better ESPHome firmware framework.

The LED indicator light meanings are documented here. Green is the power LED and should be on solid all the time. The blue light is a status indicator, and steady blinking means that it’s waiting for a WiFi connection and/or API client connection.

The version number scheme you’re seeing is probably the ESPHome version and not the project version. Yes, I know it’s confusing, especially because the project version doesn’t show on the device’s status page (this is a current limitation of ESPHome … we’ll probably fix it eventually). ESPHome version means the firmware framework version that it’s built upon, and the project version corresponds to the Konnected-maintained features and configuration for the product. The project version will show in the Konnected app.

It’s not necessary to physically re-flash it, but it’s fine if you did.

All you really have to do is install the Hubitat driver via HPM or from konnected-hubitat on Github, put in the IP address, and you’ll be up and running.

Thank you. I had verified that both the Blaq and my phone were connected to the same primary home wifi network. The apps discovery didn’t find my Blaq. And entering the Blaq 's IP address without a port number also produced no change in the app. Nothing found, no devices.

I can interact with the Blaq on it’s web page by entering the same IP address into a browser on my phone or desktop. But nothing whatsoever from the app. Pixel 7 running Google’s latest OS.

Is it working in Hubitat?

Also make sure your Konnected app is up to date. The latest version is 1.4.0 I think.

Yes, the Blaq is working fine in Hubitat. My phone app is version 1.4.0.

I just tried adding the device to the app manually again. “Add device by IP address” didn’t work, but “Add ESPHome device manually” did work fine. So I’m good for now.

Thank you for your help.

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