Will not connect to konnected wifi

installed with no problem. in the app it found my 5g connection and not thinking I proceeded. then found the konnected wifi. WILL NOT CONNECT. this is on android. uninstalled the app. reinstalled. tried again using 2.4 wifi. sees the konnected wifi. WILL NOT CONNECT. thought it was my pihole perhaps seeing it as spam. disconnected the pihole. no change. tried with an iphone 13 the only difference is that it says wifi not available now. so the gdo blaq is useless since it wont even connect to its own app wifi.

The GDO blaQ can only see 2.4GHz networks, so it wouldn’t be possible to connect the blaQ to a 5G network.

The Konnected app is used to facilitate sending your home WiFi credentials to the device. Out of the box, the blaQ device is setup to broadcast it’s own WiFi network (captive portal) named konnected-xxxxxx (where xxxxx is a unique identifier). The app first asks you to select your home network and input the password, then will prompt you to connect to the konnected-xxxxx network so it can send over the credentials.

If you’re having trouble connecting to the konnected-xxxxx network, there are a couple workarounds:

  1. Set the WiFi credentials by connecting the device to your computer, launch Chrome browser and go to install.konnected.io. Select the product and firmware platform and click CONNECT. An option to Connect to Wi-Fi should be available.
    Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 11.32.05 AM

  2. You can also use Bluetooth to set the WiFi credentials. Using Chrome or a mobile browser, go to https://www.improv-wifi.com/ and click Connect device to Wi-Fi. Follow the steps to pair with the GDO blaQ and send your WiFi credentials.

  3. If you need to start over (maybe you entered a wrong password or selected the wrong WiFi network) you can always re-flash the device to wipe out any saved settings. Using Chrome browser go to install.konnected.io, select your product, click CONNECT, and then INSTALL.

  4. Using the above process you can also click Logs & Console to stream the logs from the device to see what’s going on with it. You can leave the device plugged into your computer and the Logs & Console open while doing the App wifi setup to see any WiFi related errors. Post them here if you’re still stuck.