GDO blaQ "Preparing Firmware" for 40 minutes // Offline in SmartThings

Just got my GDO blaQ today and went to set it up this afternoon.

Two things going on with it. First, when I’m in the Konnected app, when I went into the GDO blaQ settings, I turned on the Konnected Cloud option for SmartThings integration, and it says it’s “Preparing Firmware” (This can take up to 10 minutes. You can leave this page and we will send you an email when your firmware is ready!). Well it’s been 40 minutes now, and still shows Preparing Firmware…

Second thing is in the SmartThings app, the new GDO blaQ shows up (I have a Konnected security devices), but the device shows as offline.

I can confirm that the device is plugged in and working from the “Open Web Page”. Maybe the Wifi wasn’t configured and it’s trying to download stuff but it can’t?

I updated the firmware via USB cable from to 1.0.2, and in the Konnected app, it finally said that the firmware didn’t update correctly (but it now says “Konnected project version: 1.0.2”), but is still having me do the “Preparing Firmware” with the “Save and Continue” option in the settings.

There was an issue with our build instance earlier today. It’s fixed now.
Please restart your firmware update. Once the firmware is updated, it will be online in SmartThings.

How does one restart it when it is stuck in “Preparing Firmware” mode?

I’ve aborted a handful of builds that were stuck, likely including yours. Re-launch the app and you should be able to begin it again.

Sorry for the hiccups. The release of the new blaQ has triggered a lot of usage, and we’re starting to see where this process needs to be hardened!

All of my Konnected devices suddenly have yellow triangles in the Konnected app but the devices function via SmartThings integration…they were all assessable via Konnected app last week

This is expected if your phone is not on your home network (you are away from home) or your phone is not on WiFi. Reconnect your phone to your home WiFi and tap the refresh icon to resolve.