GDO blaQ now shipping!

:sparkles: The GDO blaQ are finally here and have started shipping! :sparkles:

We have lots of pre-orders and we’re fulfilling them in the order received over the next few weeks. I expect that all of the pre-orders will be shipped by the end of May.

This is a really exciting product for us and a huge milestone in Konnected’s journey. The whole team has put a lot of energy and effort into the GDO blaQ and we have great expectations for the GDO blaQ!

Please share feedback here when you get yours.

I just received mine - got it connected and uploaded firmware with Konnected Cloud. Shows up in Konnected app with blue check.

I cannot get SmartThings to recognize the device, even though my other alarm panels are synced to ST through the Konnected app. I’ve tried unlinking, ST-Konnected, logging in and out of both apps, and made sure I have the latest versions of all.

Thanks for any help- build quality is great- looking forward to getting it up and running-


It should just show up in your Devices if ST is already linked to your account. It’ll show up as “GDO blaQ xxxxxx”.

Same exact issue here. Got it showing up in Konnected App, updates the firmware after enabling Konnected Cloud but its still not showing up in SmartThings app.

Btw when looking at the settings page in the Konnected App I do not see any of the garage controls showing up there only the API status’s showing which ones are enabled and disabled. I have the Konnected Cloud and Web Page API enabled the middle one (Local Native API) is disabled. But below that I don’t see any controls like some others users have posted in pics.

@Racy I checked your account and it looks like it is set up and communicating properly. Can you go in SmartThings to Settings > Linked Services > Konnected and tap Refresh there? It should show up as GDO blaQ xxxxx

The Konnected app itself does not have any garage controls. You can tap on Open Web Page for the device’s internal web page where you can test all the controls and functions.

@Racy @leegoldstein I see what the problem is now. Small problem on our cloud side. I will fix this ASAP. Please give me till tomorrow.


Thanks! Appreciate how responsive you are - I’ve been really excited about playing with this!

Sounds good no worries, thanks for being so responsive! Love the support!

@Racy @leegoldstein and anyone else missing their new GDO in SmartThings and/or Alexa – this is fixed now!

It should just automatically show up within an hour or so. If you want it right away, in SmartThings go to Settings > Linked Services > Konnected > Refresh to force it to re-discover. For Alexa, say “Alexa, discover devices” to force it to re-discover.

As of right now we only have basic control (garage open & close and states) from ST & Alexa, but all the bells and whistles will be coming soon!

Let me know if you still have issues or questions.

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