GDO BlaQ: Garage Door Light automations/smarthings V2

Hello all,

i’m looking into replacing myQ door opener with GDO Blaq unit. I know i should have replaced it a long time ago…lol

Will i be able to control the lights that are integrated in my Craftsman door garage within my smarthings applications and create automations with other devices. Example if my inside door garage opens then turn on the garage lights. and Vice versa when inside garage door is closed to turn them off?

I also heard there is a feature to open the garage door to a specific % (based on the total lenght of door travel distance when fully opened). any timeline on when this feature will be available?

Just to confirm I don’t need an additional sensor on garage door to determine the status of garage door (open/closed) correct?

Thank you.

Love Konnected products , community and support A1 , keep it up!

Yes you will be able to control the lights, lock and garage open % and all features within SmartThings … just not today, but soon!

It’s taken a little bit longer to get all of those features into SmartThings than I expected because of some delays on the SmartThings side. Since Konnected is an official SmartThings Partner all of our device handler updates need to go through an approval process. All of the functionality is complete, but during the approval review, the SmartThings team wanted to make some updates to the way the garage position % was displayed. SmartThings didn’t already have a device capability that represents garage door position so we were sorta faking it with window shade position but they didn’t like that.

ST is in the process of rolling out updates to their platform to support the garage door open position. Once that is done, we will roll out the enhanced device handler that will expose all functionality to SmartThings.

Correct, no additional sensors are necessary! The GDO blaQ gets all its info and control over two wires connected to the garage opener unit.

Thank you Nate for quick update !

Hopefully soon means by December I can wait a little more maybe there will be some upcoming discounts for Black Friday or Xmas :grin:

The timing is in SmartThings hands right now. The work on our side has been done, but they need to develop and deploy the garage door position handler before they’ll allow it. I hope it’s a lot sooner than December!

Prime Day is coming up :wink: