Getting an error while trying to reflash the GDO White (v2 I think I just got it)

My unit worked great until after I set it up using it’s wifi server and connected it to the house wifi. Then it just would not connect and was not discoverable.
I’m trying to reset it so figured I’d flash it with the Konnected firmware.

On Windows 10, using google I tried the webtool, it find the COM port connects and a few seconds later I get a “Your ESP32-S3 board is not supported”.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Choose the ESPHome firmware for the GDOv2.
The model number is on a sticker on the bottom of the device.

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Okay, it is GSOv2-S. There is no Konnected firmware for this? I thought I read that there was a cloud version that could be used from anywhere outside of the home.

Nevermind I see that it does give you the option during the install. Thank you @nate .