Hubitat and GDO blaQ

Has anyone got the Konnected blaQ to work with Hubitat? I installed the "Garage Door Opener blaQ (GDOv2-Q) from the Hubitat Package Manager. I added the device. The icon responds and the log correctly indicated open and closed, but the door itself does nothing.
Thanks, Dave

Dave, I just finished my HE/Konnected install yesterday on two doors. The first one went pretty easy, the second gave me some issues and took longer but I eventually got it working. Went down a couple useless rabbit holes first though. Make sure your opener has not somehow ended up in learn mode with the LED on the wall button flashing either fast or slow. Once I think I caused that accidently but the second time I suspect it went into learn via some method other than me. Once I manually took it out of learn it started working correctly and no more issues so far, but it has only been 24 hours. Also, make sure you IP address is correct in the HE device window and matches the Konnected app or the My Q app.

Thanks for the reply. Since I didn’t see the option to put in the IP address, I realized I selected the wrong device - Virtual Garage Door instead of Konnected Garage Door GDOv2-Q. Once I did this (which is clear in the Konnected setup guide), it works great.
Thanks again, Dave

A mistake I made as well. I also caught my Google Home mesh changing the IP address while I was testing which messes up HE so I set both my blaQ’s up with DHCP reservations, something I have also done for my HE Hub due to issues with two Konnected Boards I have that are also sensitive to IP address changes.