Hubitat and GDO blaQ - connection refused but direct web controls work

I am using a GDO blaQ with Hubitat and a purple security+1.0 opener.

At first I had it working with Hubitat and all was fine but was having random reboots of the board which would open and close the door. Following another topic here I noticed there was initial issues and I did a firmware update to

Now I can go to the direct IP address in a browser and open and close the door but cannot get Hubitat device to work. The device log shows “connection refused” with IP and port 6053.

I have restarted the device and deleted/re-added the Hubitat device multiple times now, with no change. I can control at the browser (http://IP) but not with the Hubitat device.

If it was my router/network setup the initial integration before the firmware update would have not worked through the Hubitat device, but it did. Only change since was the konnected GDO firmware.

Any help would be appreciated.

I have this solved. Updating in case it helps others in the future.

When I created the firmware there were options and simply accepted the default. One of those was “Local Native API” which is required for Hubitat integration. After building another firmware image with this option enabled the existing Hubitat device worked once again.



I had the same issue after I updated mine a few weeks ago. It would be nice if Local Native API was turned on by default, or if there was clearer info in the phone app for which API I should enable and why.

Yes, the native API needs to be enabled for Hubitat and/or Home Assistant to communicate with the device. When you tap into each option it shows you what platforms require it to be enabled in the app: