Hubitat Virtual Keypad

Hi guys. Is there an easy way to arm/disarm in Hubitat with a virtual keypad. Basically I don’t want to just press an arm/disarm button. I want the ability to enter a pin number on a virtual keypad. With different pin numbers for different people, then I can track if my kids are home for example. In short, Im looking to have a tablet in my hallway which has an alarm tile. This tile will be where we enter the pin for the alarm.

There is a keypad app someone made on Hubitat, I have two Fire 7 tablets with the ability to set and unset my alarm via a keypad, look at this thread mine was based on this.

I have a screen that has the keypad as well as shows the smoke detector status and another screen that is pin protected that is an engineer screen and allows tests and also status of all sensors

I must say, this is impressive looking and even better looking than the authors original post. That said, I’m looking to have mine in HE+ or even on a HA dashboard so I’m not too sure this would work. Or would it?

I use the Hubitat Virtual Keypad and HSM. Together I have a PIN code to arm/disarm the alarm.
It works well.
If you have the Virtual Keypad working, you may need to look into HSM closely to find the settings for PIN and such. I’ve had this setup for like 3 years and have forgotten much of the effort to make it work.