Can an intruder deactivate the alarm with my tablet?

Hi folks, I’m just wrapping up a successful installation of my konnected pro panel. I am in the process of getting two tablets installed where we previously had keypads. I have installed the Fully Kiosk browser and I have running. Unless I put a passcode on my tablet, could an intruder not simply touch “disarm” and turn off the alarm? I have yet to perfect the automatic arming and disarming based on the fact that my kids often come home with a dead phone, so the tablet is necessary by the door. Is there a way to include a code for disarming?

Were you able to figure this out?
I was reading about ActionTiles that support PINs.
I’m also looking for delayed Arming just like the good old key pads.

I am not sure with smartthings, but I setup mine using the ESPHome firmware with HA. I then have a dashboard with the arm/disarm keypad that I run on my tablets. I have it set so I can arm Home or Away without a code but have to enter a code to disarm.