Arm and Disarm

I'm thinking about upgrading my old wired alarm to this. I have a question. Let's say I have it all set up and I'm using a tablet at the main entrance. My kids ride the bus home and aren't allowed to take their phones to school. If they come in will they be able to disarm the alarm from the tablet?  I messaged them on Facebook, but got no response.


Yes, you can ARM/DISARM the alarm Konnected alarm system from a tablet. I use an Amazon Fire Tablet that I found  on Craigslist for $25 and mounted it where my previous alarm company had installed its control panel.  Then I use the ActionTiles app on the tablet to ARM/DISARM the Konnected panel.  However, you can't use your door's OPEN/CLOSED sensor or else your kids will set off the siren as soon as them enter the house!  To my knowledge there's no 30 second delay with Konnected.  So  your kids must immediately disarm the system on the Fire Tablet as soon as they enter the house or else a few steps into your first motion sensor area will sound the alarm.  This will definitely catch their attention.  

Konnected itself is not an alarm system. It is a way to connect your wired alarm components, like door and window sensors, to a smart home hub, like SmartThings or Home Assistant. The behavior of the alarm - when to trigger, what to do when triggered, etc., is all up to the programming in the smart home system of your choice.

Before getting started with Konnected I strongly recommend that you be familiar with a home automation system, as you're going to need to do a non-trivial amount of work with it. You're not going to get any of this for free from Konnected and you're not going to get support from Konnected on the automation side of things. 

In Home Assistant there are a few alarm components, for example

as far as I know they all offer delayed entry, so that you have time - how much is up to your configuration - to disarm the system when you enter, before it triggers a siren or whatever else you configure.

At least one, but not all of, the HA alarm components offers different delays for different zones, so that if someone enters via a window the alarm will go off immediately, but if they enter through a door they have X seconds to disarm before the alarm automation is triggered.

Similarly, integrating a tablet instead of a keypad has nothing to do with konnected, and everything to do with the home automation system you choose. There is good support for doing what you've described with Home Assistant.