Mimic Arm/Disarm System - How To?

 Greetings.  Just got my Konnected equipment delivered and have it all hooked up to SmartThings hub and wired up with ActionTiles and IFTTT.  From that perspective, everything is working properly.  However, what I'd like to configure is functionality similar to arming/disarming a traditional alarm system.  For example, when armed, start siren after 30-60 seconds when a sensor is opened.  When disarmed, don't start alarm on sensor open and/or stop alarm if already on. 

The SmartThings Classic app has Routines such as Goodbye! and I'm Back!, but they don't seem to support this behavior.  The new SmartThings app has the Smart Home Monitor, which appears to be what I need, but, unfortunately, that app only picks up about half of my Konnected sensors/things. 

@ApexDestroyer13 posted on another thread a picture of his/her ActiveTiles screen, and it looks like it has a Smart Home Monitor tile, but I can't tell for sure.  And even if it is, this isn't viable for me because of the issue of only some of the Konnected things being picked up with the new version of the app. 

Any tips/tools/URLs for how I can set up my system like this is appreciated. 

ActionTiles Example

I was thinking about ordering a 18 zone Konnected kit, but I'm not sure because of this issue.  Did you figure anything out on this?