SmartThings IFTTT Integrations

I have the following system:
Konnected Alarm Panel Wired Alarm System Retrofit Kit 12-zone

Most, if not all of my lights, switches, etc are in SmartLife and not SmartThings

For my Konnected setup, I have everything installed and linked with SamrtThings.  All is up and working great!  Here is my dilemma......

If I configured everything in SmartThings, my options are very limited.  I can enable the Alarm System for home or away.  I can sounds the main alarm when triggered.  But I feel like my options are very limited.

What I would like to have is something like this.  
1) Alarm is automatically armed at 11pm every night.
2) Alarm is disabled every morning at 7am.
3) If an alarm is tripped, i would like to notify my phone, flash lights, etc.
4) If I have an intruder I can press a button and sound the alarm.

I really want way more control.  It is a smart system....not a dumb one.  
I use IFTTT for most of my automation.  It is a powerful automation tool.  I am trying to figure out how to get SmartThings into the IFTTT world.

Here are a few things I have tried.  

1.  I created a virtual switch in SmartThings to enable/disable the alarm.  In IFTTT, I can set a time to start/stop the security system.  That is it though.  I can't flash lights, ring door bells, etc.  I can turn on or off on a

2).  I can add every sensor, via IFTTT, and when the sensor is tripped, i can flash lights, etc, but there is no way to put this on a schedule.

I feel like I am super close to getting what I need but can't quiet get there.  Anyone play around with IFTTT SmartThings and have some ideas.  I feel like i am stuck.  I can role with HA, but, feel i am so close to the solution i want =/

Thanks in advance for the help!

You can create an Automation in SmartThings to automatically arm and disarm SmartThings Home Monitor.

In the SmartThings App, go to Automations > + (plus icon) > Create routine
In the If section, select a Time for the routine to trigger.
In the Then section, select Change security mode.

Repeat the process above for the arm and disarm automation.

To get notifications and turn on sirens and lights when SmartThings Home Monitor is triggered, you can set that up in the SmartThings Home Monitor response settings.

Hope this helps!