Emulating Original Alarm Panel Behavior

Hi all,

My Konnected order is on its way and I should be able to get it all installed this weekend. I do have a few questions that I am not finding many posts on. I am not new to logic programming or control systems in general (I program Crestron for a living). 

I am replacing an old ADT panel that has 1x motion sensor, 3x door sensors, and several window sensors. There are two keypads. I will be doing the recommended Fire 7 tablet with ActionTiles. 

I would like the system set up such that the alarm component works similar to the traditional keypads. I imagine I would use Smart Home Monitor modes to control modes such as Home, Night, and Away. 

I've played with ActionTiles a little bit and found the security PIN settings. Is there a way to only require the PIN to change the mode from Night or Away? It seems like it wants to ask for PIN any time I access the Tile. 

Here is the behavior I would like to emulate. 

Armed (Stay)
- Motion DISABLED (so you can walk about the house)
- All window / door triggers are monitored. System won't arm if any are not "closed"
- System is armed instantly and any opened triggers instantly trigger alarm and siren.

Armed (Away)
- Motion ENABLED
- All window / door triggers are monitored. System won't arm if any are not "closed"
- System is armed in 30 seconds for you to leave the house.
- Any door triggers gives 30 seconds to enter PIN code to disarm system, then alarm is triggered. 
- Window triggers would instantly trigger alarm. 

I love the idea of using Geofencing to determine when to Arm (Away), but it would need to monitor myself and my wife, and it seems like that may be tricky to become accurate / reliable. 

I use AutomateIt Pro on my phone to turn my own phone's WiFi on when I get home based on location and disconnection from my Bluetooth ratio. I wonder if SmartThings can monitor the network for the presence of my phone's MAC address and not just rely on Location