Google Home Hub

Will Konnected integrate with the Google Home Hub (or similar visualization products coming out) as an alternative to buying ActionTiles and a tablet?

that would be the best. 

Does anyone know how SmartThings items show up on Google Home Hub? Can we get the Arm/Disarm panel etc?

I think it depends on what the SmartThings is. I can see the individual Konnnected zones/sensors in GH but they don’t have any status to display or function I can perform.

Does anyone have any updated info on this? Specifically, can you see alarm status and arm or disarm from the Google Home Hub screen?

I would love to know the answer to this as well. 

Totally would switch over to Konnected today if there was integration with Google Home Hub / Google Nest Hub. Right now I remain on the fence while I plan out the overhaul of my existing wired alarm system.

I am interested in integration with Google Home Hub also. I will switch over to Konnected when I can use existing Google Home Hub.

I'm in as soon as Konnected can be managed by Google Hub!

Any changes here? I was told when I purchased this a few months ago that Google Home Hub worked and the incon is on the Konnected Box. 


Any update guys on Google Home  integration with Konnected??

I would buy today if it had Google Home and ifttt integration. Anybody know if either of those work?

I bought the complete bundle ($400 invested) almost a year ago. Everything is still the box and I've had no response regarding my install issues. This seems to be a one or two person show and they have day jobs with no time to help grow this company. I would not spend the money unless your a software engineer.  

Thanks for the response and the honesty! It's too bad — this concept is really good and it could be so much more. This product has so much potential and could be useful to potentially millions of homes. If I weren't in high school and have a crap ton of money, I'd totally try to buy out the company and grow it on my own

Hey, it depends on what the SmartThings is. I can see the individual Konnnected zones/sensors in GH but they don’t have any status to display or function I can perform.



Enna Mariya

So I have Smartthings set up. This is a Samsung app that monitors all the sensors real time.

I have this linked to Google home and all of the sensors show up in google home, but Google doesn't seem to keep track of the status of the sensors (seems to be a google programming issue).

I have the arming switch set up, and this shows up in google home as a switch and responds to standard commands, so I can use google to turn on or off the alarm, but individual sensors are still managed through Smart things.

I am still testing it, but feel like Google can be used for basics, while more complex commands are done through smart things, which is a bit of a pity.

i did find some difficulty intigrating smartthings with Google Home. managed some work arounds so thought i would post them to help anyone else out there

On smartthings - Set up a virtual switch(Named it “house alarm”) ,set routines to “Switch ON”(Arm Alarm) and “Switch OFF” (Dis-Arm Alarm) . synced the switch with Google home , so now my Google home responds to “hey Google , turn on house alarm”, “hey Google, turn off house alarm” . by giving each routine a 20second delay allows me to leave & enter the house without setting off the alarm via the door sensor.
Also set up some tiles on my tablet using “Action Blocks” app to easily Arm and Dis-arm .

mainly this routine will be used for when I go to bed as I linked it with my “Goodnight” routine on GH to turn this “switch ON”(Arm Alarm)